[POLL] Do You Think Chevrolet Will Actually Build a Mid-Engine Corvette?


[POLL] Do You Think Chevrolet Will Actually Build a Mid-Engine Corvette?

Over the last few weeks, the interwebs have been all aflutter with the latest round of mid-engine Corvette rumors. A couple weeks back Car and Driver even posted a rendering of what a mid-engined Corvette might look and surmised that it could be called “Zora”. Since this is our weekly poll, we to hear what our savvy readers have to say on this subject.

The Corvette team at Chevrolet has been taunting us with mid-engine Corvette concepts for 50+ plus years now. It begin in the 1960’s with the CERV concepts, followed later on by the 1969 XP-882 Aerovette which led to the Corvette Indy in the mid 1980’s.

The mid-engine Corvette rumor seems to resurface with each new generation of vehicle architecture, and the C7 generation has been no different with the recent renewal of this long running speculation. Can GM really do it this time? If they do it, how much would the new uber vette cost?

So while the topic is hot we want to hear from you. Do you think that these most recent rumblings finally signal that General Motors will actually build a mid-engine C7 or C8 Corvette? For over 60 years Corvette has been a front engine car. Is it blasphemy if the engine moves aft of the seats? We know there are a ton of thoughts on this topic so sound off on the Comments section after voting below.

Do you think GM will actually build a mid-engine Corvette this time?

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