[POLL] You have $25,000. What Corvette do you buy?


[FRIDAY POLL] You have $25,000. What do you buy?

The Friday Poll is back!

After a great response last week it’s time to survey the CorvetteBlogger Nation again to get your opinions on various Corvette topics. Since this is Monterey week, home of the highest of high end car events – including auctions, we want to know what’s going in your fantasy garage based on a given budget.

Here’s the catch: we’re not going for the high end market where the 1 percenters shop. You have $25,000 to spend. Now $25k is a good chunk of money and there are a ton of Corvettes available in that price range. Right now, depending on condition, you could realistically be looking at any of the first 6 Corvette generations.

Taking a quick survey of eBay we found several cars ranging from all out basket case projects to low mile original later mile Corvettes. For example we saw this project 1954 with a Buy it Now of $23,500, a C2 racer looking to be completed for $20,000, a 3,750 mile 1978 L82 pace car for $23,500, and a 31,000 mile 1990 ZR1 with a Buy-It-Now Price of $25K.

So you decide: Are you looking for a winter project? A low mile unrestored, original? What about a great driving later model?

You have $25,000 burning a hole in your checking account. What do you buy?

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Got other ideas for how you would spend your 25 large? Tells us in the comments below.

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