The Top 11 Corvette Sales of Mecum Bloomington Gold 2013


The Top 11 Corvette Sales of Mecum Bloomington Gold 2013

The Mecum auction is one of the main attractions at Bloomington Gold each year. This year over 100 Corvettes representing all 6 generations arrived in Champaign in search of new homes. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the Bloomington’s GoldMine, odds are that you could have found it running through the auction tent. Read on to see the top 11 Corvette sales at the 2013 Mecum Bloomington Gold auction.

Like last year, this year’s auction was a one day event. We do miss the old multi-day format, but we also understand that that Mecum’s rapid growth over the last few years probably attracts cars to other sales closer to consignor’s homes.

Thanks to some intermittent rain and a stacked docket, the auction tent was packed all day. Bloomington Gold’s new home on the University of Illinois’ campus lends itself nicely to hosting an auction. There’s plenty of space for the cars, bidders, and consignors to spread out and enjoy the sale.

The top seller was a red 1967 Bloomington Benchmark coupe that traded hands at $100,000. Second place went to a Marina Blue 1967 427/390 roadster at $94,000. A yellow 1965 396/425 convertible claimed the final podium spot when it hammered sold at $88,000. In all, the Top 11 sales at Mecum Bloomington Gold added up to $868,500. The seller fees go on top of that number. The average price of the cars in the top 11 was $78,955. Eight C2’s occupied the list along with 2 C1’s and a lone C6.

Some of the notable no sales included a red 1967 427/400 A/C convertible at $225,000, the Gus Grissom 1967 convertible at $160,000, and an unrestored 1967 convertible at $125,000.

Below are the top 11 Corvette sales from the 2013 Mecum Bloomington Gold auction as well as a gallery of photos from the event.

Sold Vehicles
Preview Rank Car Description Sale Price
1 1967 Red 327/350 Coupe $100,000
2 1967 Blue 427/390 Convertible $94,000
3 1965 Yellow 396/425 Convertible $88,000
4 1967 Red 1967 327/300 Convertible VIN 007 $85,000
No Picture 5 1966 Red 427/425 Convertible $84,500
6 1966 Green 427/425 Coupe $78,000
7 1966 Blue 427/425 Coupe $70,000
8 1963 White 327/340 Coupe $70,000
9 1958 Red 283/290 Fuelie $70,000
No Picture 10 2009 Yellow GT1 Coupe $66,000
11 1958 Blue 283/240 Convertible $63,000
    Average $868,500
    Total $78,955


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