[VIDEO] Corvette Battery Maintenance with GM Technician Paul Koerner


[VIDEO] Corvette Battery Maintenance with GM Technician Paul Koerner

If you’ve attended any of the major Corvette shows like Mid America Motorworks’ Corvette FunFest, Corvettes at Carlisle or the Corvette Museum’s annual Bash, you’ve probably seen GM World Class Certified Technician Paul Koerner helping Corvette owners by diagnosing issues they are having with their later model Corvettes.

Paul has recently joined forces with Mid America Motorworks to produce a series of videos to give Corvette owners tips and tricks for keeping their Corvettes running trouble-free. We recently watched the first video on Paul’s Facebook page, The Corvette Mechanic and wanted to share it with our readers.

The subject of Paul’s first video with Mid America has to do with proper battery maintenance as well as troubleshooting issues related to the battery including testing, using a battery charger and a charge maintainer. As the Corvette has a reputation for issues caused by low or improperly maintained batteries, this should be a 101 level class for all Corvette owners.

What’s nice about this collaboration for Corvette owners is that not only does Paul take us through some of the issues that owners might be faced with, Mid America offers a listing of the specific parts that Paul references so owners will know the exact part name and number that may be needed to complete a repair.

Most likely, by watching the video with Paul Koerner, you probably learned something about your Corvette that you didn’t know before. Catch the latest videos as they come out by visiting Paul’s facebook page, The Corvette Mechanic or subscribe to Mid America Motorworks on YouTube.

The Corvette Mechanic and Mid America Motorworks

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