[VIDEO] 900 HP Corvette ZR1 Belches Flames on the Dyno


[VIDEO] 900 HP Corvette ZR1 Belches Flames on the Dyno

Watch this whole video to see the huge fireball that erupts from the rear end of this ZR1 undergoing a dyno test at ShorTuning in Stanford, Kentucky.

Eric Lancaster’s 2010 ZR1 is measured at releasing a whopping 902.2 horsepower to the rear wheels just before the blinding light show.

While Lancaster’s car still features the stock LS9 engine from Chevy, he’s pumped it up with LS9 heads ported by Brian Tooley Racing, a Brian Tooley Racing Camshaft designed for supercharged use, American Racing two-inch headers exiting through ORX-pipe, Lingenfelter Blower Snout and Pulley, Heat Exchanger, a methanol injection kit, RPM Transmission, and RPS Carbon Clutch.

What it all adds up to is one amazing ZR1 that on the track has delivered a 9.54 ET at a speed of a hair shy of 149mph.

While it’s reported that Lancaster did all the work to the Corvette himself, ShorTuning tuned the LS9 for maximum power.

ShorTuning, by the way, promises on its website that it is a “one stop shop for your performance oriented car/truck. We have a proven track record of providing unparalleled performance and price.” We wouldn’t argue after the show put on by this ZR1.


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