1963 Split-Window Corvette Barn Find Covered in 33 Years of Dust


1963 Split-Window Corvette Barn Find Covered in 33 Years of Dust

Here is an honest to goodness Corvette barn find that just saw the light of day in California. According to a posting on the Corvette Forum by “Bruce at Billet”, this original one-owner 1963 Corvette was last on the road in 1979. It was parked in that barn for whatever reason, where it sat untouched for 33 years.

The owner always told his daughter that “when I pass on you will have the Corvette” and sadly that day recently came.

The poster on the forum makes the comment that the previous owner could be described as a “hoarder” in that he never got rid of anything. There were 5-6 cars on the property with the Corvette and another car barricaded inside this barn. It took the family several days to clear the area in order to open the garage to get at the two cars parked inside. (We don’t know what the makes/models of the other cars were).

Not much is known about the options on the Corvette other than it has an automatic transmission. As it’s claimed to be all original, it would be powered by a 327 cubic inch V8 and is most likely to be either the 250 horsepower base engine or the optional L75 300 horsepower variant.

Reading deeper into the forum posting, the daughter and her husband are planning on pulling the Corvette out and taking it to a shop so they can get it running again. Hopefully, they will take it to a shop that knows classic Corvettes and will take care of the new owners as well as the Sting Ray.

Only one photo has been shared on the forum so far, so click here for the larger version.

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