[VIDEO] NCM Insurance Agency Launches iPhone/iPad App


[VIDEO] NCM Insurance Agency Launches iPhone/iPad App

Want to get a better handle on your classic car insurance policy? Customers (and non-customers) of the National Corvette Museum’s Insurance Agency can now download a new app designed for iPhones/iPads that will offer users a bevy of features not seen anywhere else. Great for the on-the-go customer, this new app can be downloaded directly from iTunes.

“The NCM Insurance Agency is excited to provide our customers and future customers a new application that will offer more than any other app in the collector vehicle insurance market,” said Adam Boca, NCM Insurance Agent. “This application will provide policy details for the customer, the ability to file claims, quick reference contact information, policy information changes and document retrieval. For existing and potential customers we will also be providing a listing of car show events that are closest to them.”

Features of the app include:

  • File a claim from the accident scene
  • Request Policy Changes and Documents
  • Quick Contacts to the agency
  • Request a free quote
  • Car Show Locator

You don’t have to be a customer to use the app. The Car Show locater is a great feature which provides a handy list of car shows sorted by locations and times. And of course, non-customers can always request a free quote which you can compare with your current policy.

“In today’s day and age, customers are used to a faster pace life, and many of our customers rely on their mobile devices for everyday tasks,” said Adam. “The new NCM Insurance app is being provided to our customers who are turning more to their iPhone/iPad.”

Here is Adam introducing the new app:

The free app is available for download at Apple iTunes or visit the NCM Insurance Agency’s website on your iPhone or iPad at: www.ncminsurance.com/mobile-app.

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