[VIDEO] Protect Your Collectible Corvette with the NCM Insurance Agency


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Corvette owners have many options when it comes to insuring their Collector vehicle. We believe that knowledge is power when it comese to making an informed decision which is why we spoke to the NCM Insurance Agency’s Adam Boca about the services offered from the Corvette Museum’s in-house insurance agency and how their programs are a win-win for both members and the Museum.

As Adam says in the video, the NCM Insurance Agency can insure just about any collector vehicle including new Corvettes that are not being used as daily drivers and the 6K mileage benefit means you can enjoy your Corvette without keeping one eye on the odometer. During the interview Adam says “We know Corvettes better than anyone”. When you think about that statement and understand that commissions go to benefit the Museum, insuring your Corvettee with the NCM Insurance Agency seems to be a smart decision.

For more information and a quick quote, visit the www.NCMinsurance.com website or call Adam Boca at 877-678-7626.

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  1. […] CorvetteBlogger spoke to Adam Boca from the NCM Insurance Agency last week about the options that their insurance offers Corvette owners. The NCM Insurance Agency does collector car insurance as well as car club liability insurance. These insurance types are for Corvettes that are not used as daily drivers. Agreed value, mileage options and stated values make the NCM insurance unique. Even cars that are less than 80% complete for restoration purposes can be insured through the NCM for the specific value in parts that are on the car and waiting to be put on the car. […]

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