[VIDEO] Batmobiles Go Drag Racing


[VIDEO] Batmobiles Go Drag Racing

Two of America’s coolest cars ever recently battled in a race set up by Super Power Beat Down.

The website decided to see what would happen when the 1966 Batmobile took on the 1989 Batmobile. You’d think that 23 years worth of technology would be worth something, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out for sure.

By the way, these aren’t the original cars used in the movie and TV show, but instead are replicas built by Mark Towle.

He says the 1966 replica is built on a C4 Corvette platform with an L98 fuel-injected engine capable of about 300 or 325-hp and a top speed of 150 to 160mph.

The 1989, meanwhile, features a Camaro front clip on a custom frame with a 350 Chevy crate motor rated at 285-hp and a top speed of about 180mph.

Asked which one he would pick in a race, Towle said he and a crew member would race to find out and he invited two passengers, Damian Beurer of acomicbooknerd.com in the ’66 and Andy Liegl of publicattack.net in the ’89.

Before the race, Andy pointed out that the ’89 has features like grenades coming out of the tires, a side-mounted disc launcher, machine guns on the hood, aircraft-like controls with a self-diagnostic system, voice activation, voice recognition, and even a CD burner!

The ’66, Damian noted, is atomic powered, voice activated, and has a direct link back to the Batcave.

Which one do you think will win? Seventy-seven percent of SPBD voters answered a poll and believe the ’89 will be the champ. Watch the video to find out!

There is a longer version of the video that includes a lot more setup as well as the bikini-wearing hostess washing down the Batmobiles at the end.

And finally, if that didn’t fill your batcup to brim with superhero goodness, check out Jalopnik which brings us the tale of Batman in a Lamborghini getting pulled over by the police.


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