Autoblog Reviews the 2012 Corvette ZR1Centennial Edition


Autoblog Reviews the 2012 Corvette ZR1Centennial Edition

We always enjoy reading the exploits of our fellow bloggers when they become a member of the 1%. That is, the 1% of bloggers that are granted the opportunity to test drive a Corvette ZR1. Autoblog’s Michael Harley got his hands on the fob of a 2012 Corvette ZR1 Centennial Edition and puts America’s super car through the most rigorous of tests – the daily driver test.

From running errands to driving kids to school, Harley drove the Corvette everywhere. To get the full effect of the 638-hp LS9, he pulled the fuse on the NPP Dual Mode Exhaust System which opens the two additional ports on the exhaust.

The review isn’t all platitudes as Corvette fans have come to expect. Michael found faults with the seats and squeaking bolsters, and the heat from the torque tube that runs under the center console cooked his iPhone on a four hour long highway trip.

But there is also plenty of red meat for enthusiasts like this:

“We mashed the accelerator pedal. Instantaneously, all hell broke loose just behind our ears as the foot-wide alloy wheels attempted to centrifugally shed the expensive Michelin rubber wrapped around them. The tires, as tenacious and sticky as warm Silly Putty, ripped at the asphalt before kicking up a rooster tail of debris that was thrown yards rearward. Without launch control, both tires spun wildly and our forward movement was ridiculously slow. Attempted again, this time with launch control, and the ZR1 blasted to 60 mph in a traction-limited time of just over three seconds – with the noise and g-loading, we swear it feels even quicker than that.”

But the “piece de resistance” is the final paragraph. Finally, an automotive writer who really gets what the ZR1 is all about:

“While the Z06 is arguably the better track car, the ZR1 is the emotional hook. It is built solely for dreamers. The list encompasses the student at Wright State who is spellbound by the poster on his wall, the diligent salesperson forever hitting the pavement and the entrepreneur hard at work making his hundredth product pitch. The ZR1 is crafted to allure those who have the drive and passion to aspire for better things. It captivates those who yearn. And without wavering, GM will always keep it within grasp of those looking up.”

Overall, this was a fun review of the Corvette ZR1 so jump over to Autoblog to read the entire piece and check out the extensive photo gallery.


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