Morning Burnout: Outrageous Corvette Z06 in Times Square


Morning Burnout: Outrageous Corvette Z06 in Times Square

With its theaters, shows and restaurants, Times Square in New York City is the live entertainment capital of the world. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people visit the area around 42 Street and Broadway to take in the shows and see the sights. On one recent summer evening, onlookers watched as the driver of a Black Corvette Z06 put on his own show with a little help from a Times Square icon, the Naked Cowboy.

The action starts on a Times Square side street teeming with pedestrians while the Black Corvette Z06 idles behind another car. The Corvette’s driver starts getting a little chippy with the Z06, raising the revs while the throaty exhaust note reverberates off the buildings in the downtown canyon. He apparently stalls the car a couple of times which causes the crowd to laugh and jeer. That’s when the Naked Cowboy appears, walking up to the passenger side while strumming his guitar. We don’t know if he says anything to the Corvette’s driver, but if he did, the driver’s response to him was to lay down a huge burnout that causes the Naked Cowboy to flee while the crowd cheers.

Our friends at Corvette Online position the video as an epic battle between two iconic street performers and we wholly agree. In the end, the LS7 sings a far better song that some guy playing guitar in his underwear.

Corvette Online

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