[FAIL] Corvette ZR1 Hits a Chrysler 300 SRT8


[FAIL] Corvette ZR1 Hits a Chrysler 300 SRT8

There is a reason that Chevy offers the FREE two day driving school for anyone who buys a new Corvette ZR1. With 638 supercharged horses, it can be a handful for the uninitiated. As a PSA for all new Corvette ZR1 drivers on why its important to take advantage of the school, check out this video after the jump. Fair warning though, the dudes in the Chrysler are very unimpressed with the driver of the ZR1 and both let a few choice words fly.

* H/T to John @ the Corvette Forum for the tip!


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  1. They had the camera(iPhone) on the ready. Seems like they were wanting to get a vid of him as he went by and he decided to show off a bit.

  2. Kinda hard to tell what happened here, but (unfortunately) it looks it’s completely the ZR1’s fault. Looks like he gunned it to blow past the 300, lost control, and started drifting into the other lane.

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  3. It looks almost as if the ZR1 owner has put tire shine on the sidewalls and the outer part of the tread area.

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