Chevy Silverado Gets A Corvette ZR1 Heart Transplant


Chevy Silverado Gets A Corvette ZR1 Heart Transplant

If you’ve ever met a custom tuner, you’ll find they are some of the most optimistic people on this earth. Case in point? Houston tuner Fastlane managed to stuff a 638-hp supercharged LS9 Corvette ZR1 engine into a Silverado pickup truck. We’re not sure why it was decided that a Silverado get this kind of power upgrade, but now that it’s in there, we think the end result is pretty awesome.

GM Performance Parts also posted a pic of the Silverado on the GMPP facebook page as well so we are going to assume that this LS9 is a crate motor. And if you remember our original post on the LS9 crate engines, they ain’t cheap. When the crate engine first became available in Feb 2009, MRSP for the 6.2L Supercharged ZR1 V8 was listed at $28,000 with the GM dealer price set at $21,000.

With that kind of price tag plus the costs of labor to install, you have to wonder if that 638 horse supercharged V8 is going to waste in a pickup. And that brings us back to the “why”. Why would someone want that kind of power in a Silverado? A comment from Fastlane on their photo sums it up: “Would like to see it run in the 11’s”.

For those that need to get a couch or some lumber from Point A to Point B really fast, that’s a good enough reason for us!

Fastlane via Motor Authority

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