[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Gets Beat Down By Police Responding to Domestic Violence Call


[ACCIDENTS] Corvette Gets Beat Down By Police Responding to Domestic Violence Call
Photo credit: James Carbone

At first glance you might think the Corvette’s driver was doing something stupid and the end result was this damaged car. Our Corvette accidents category is filled with similar tales. That wasn’t the case here as this C4 Corvette was just tending to his own business when he became tangled up in three car incident on Long Island.

We don’t have all the details of this accident which occurred during the afternoon of July 4th due to Newsday’s subscription policy. But the article intro states the police officer was responding to a domestic violence call when he collided with the Corvette and another car at an intersection in Coram.

The black C4 Corvette looks to have taken the brunt of it and unfortunately there is no word on the status of the driver. Hope all involved were okay. As for the Corvette, chances of it making it through this crash without being issued a salvage title look to be pretty slim.

Photo credit: James Carbone

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  1. A Suffolk County police officer responding to a domestic violence call Monday became involved in a three-vehicle collision in Coram, police said.

    The crash occurred just after 1 p.m. at the intersection of Mount Sinai-Coram Road and Route 25, police said. The officer was traveling north on Mount Sinai-Coram Road and collided with a Chevrolet Corvette traveling west on Route 25. Also involved was a Toyota waiting to make a turn.

    After the collision, the Corvette caught fire and the officer extinguished the blaze with an extinguisher.

    The officer and two occupants of the Corvette were taken to Stony Brook University Hospital for treatment of what was described as nonlife-threatening injuries.

    The accident is still under investigation.

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