Friday is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day


Friday is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

For the last eleven years, the Friday closest to June 30th is chosen as the day to drive your Corvette to work. Mid America’s Mike Yager came up with the concept as a way to show just how popular Corvettes are. The date for this year’s National Drive Your Corvette to Work day is this Friday, June 24th.

The date was chosen as June 30th is the official birthday of the Corvette. That’s when the first 1953 Corvettes begin rolling off the temporary assembly line in Flint, Michigan.

In year’s past, some Corvette clubs and owners have met at staging points to drive into work together and often the Corvettes are parked as a group in front of workplaces. Even if you don’t work or you’re like me and you work at home, Friday’s holiday is the perfect excuse for getting in your Corvette for a weekday cruise or running some errands.

Will you be driving your Corvette to work this Friday? If so, please send pictures of your commute on National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day to [email protected] and we’ll post them here on


[VIDEO] Celebrating Drive Your Corvette To Work Day 2007



  1. Eric:

    That is my ’66 and that “guy” behind me is my wife. She is driving the 2010 Grand Sport that Chevy loaned me for a week last summer.


  2. Everyday is “drive your corvette to work” for me….I bought my C6 to drive, not store in a garage until the sun shines….so if you see me on the 60 fwy give me the wave….I said the wave not the finger…LOLOL Have a bitchen summer

  3. Like last year, I once again need to comment that I feel sorry for those Corvette owners who don’t drive their car every day; or maybe I feel sorry for the cars whose owners won’t drive them daily. I’ve had mine for two years and it’s my daily driver. Without fail, it always puts a big smile on my face. Why buy it if you can’t enjoy it?

    I know what some people will say, that they enjoy it differently – looking at it, detailing it – and want to keep it pristine. That’s what restoration is for – years later! Cars are built to be driven and Corvettes more than most cars! Drive, drive, drive!

  4. […] Corvette Blogger reported on the annual event and requested that those driving their Corvette to work should submit pictures. According to their article, Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks, came up with the concept for the holiday to illustrate the popularity of America’s beloved sports car. With the birthday of the iconic vehicle approaching on June 30th, it seemed like an excellent way to extend the festivities. […]

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