Auction Results: High Price Paid for ’58 Corvette Barn Car


Auction Results: High Price Paid for '58 Corvette Barn Car

There is a song by Pearl Jam called “Soon Forget” that opens with these lines: “Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette. Thinks he’ll get the girl he’ll only get the mechanic.” I was immediately reminded of those lyrics when I came across this 1958 Corvette barn car that was sold at a Canadian auction over the weekend.

The Corvette was part of an estate sale in Milton, Ontario. Sitting for over 30 years, the Corvette looks complete, but no where near driving condition. But that didn’t stop two enthusiastic bidders from driving up the price. The Corvette sold for $37,500 but when you factor the hidden costs, 10% sales commission ($3,750) and a 13% sales tax ($4,875), the total selling price jumps to $46,125 Canadian.

High Price Paid for '58 Corvette Barn Car High Price Paid for '58 Corvette Barn Car

What do you think? Is this Corvette worth the selling price or did the buyer overpay?

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  1. Unless there’s some signifcant race history and/or a flawless documentation trail, this car was way overpriced.

  2. Don’t forget that the Canadian dollar is trading at about a 3% premium to the US dollar, so $46,125 Canadian is actually $47,508 in US currency……..then there’s transportation costs since this puppy isn’t even licensed! Ouch!

    How do you spell Buyer’s remorse?

  3. Ok folks I here a lot of negative comments.So ill ask you this Where in this world are you going to find a 59 which they made less that 10,000 of in 1959 for this kind of money. I think it was a great find and a good price gust one guys opinion and yes i have one

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