1959 Corvette Barn Car Found in Wisconsin


1959 Corvette Barn Car

Here is a fairly original 1959 Corvette that was stored away in a barn somewhere in Wisconsin since the mid-sixties. The Corvette was recently willed to a nephew following the death of the owner and the nephew’s friend shared these pictures on the Corvette Forum. Many times, we’ll see barn cars only after they’ve been pulled out of their cocoon so it’s great to see the new owner documenting the classic C1 straight-axle in its surroundings where its been stored for 40+ years.

1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car
1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car
1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car
1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car 1959 Corvette Barn Car

Here is the introduction to the Corvette and its history from the new owner’s friend:

’59 Barn Find. Well….sort of. A former colleague of mine just recently inherited this ’59 from his uncle. I won’t get into the particulars but the car has been sitting since ’65. The plates have a tag as late as ’77, but while it may have been licensed, it has not seen a city street or county road since the mid 60s. I would speculate that the 40,000+ miles on the odometer is the correct mileage.

The car was owned by the family (as second owners) since 1961. It is a base engine CQ suffix with a BW T-10. The motor has been cammed and the induction system now sports three Stromberg (I would guess 97s) 2 bbls.

My friend has enlisted me to help him in getting the car driveable. He is not at all interested in doing a restoration and would prefer to keep it fairly original without submitting to the temptation of rechroming, painting, etc. The paint and body look quite good, as does the frame, from what I could observe by viewing it in the dark shed. We will know more once we get it transported to the shop and get it on a hoist and subject it to the “light of day”.

I will post some pics in a few minutes and will keep you up to date on what we find. I have my own ideas as to what we will need to do, and alot of it is has to do with refurbing the fuel, brake, and cooling system and probably pulling the original motor and replacing it (code: saving it), but any suggestions from members are always welcome. I will let him see your reaction and ideas to give him some sense as to what C1 aficionados would do if they owned this car, so feel free to fire away.

Forum members have been weighing in with their suggestions to help the new owner get the Corvette restoration started right. Many of these are great tips from those who have been down the C1 Corvette restoration path themselves. Check out the thread and expect to hear more about this great 1959 Corvette barn car.

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  1. love the story..I just found 1960 in a garage that seems to have all or most of all the original parts..will be restored to original as I can get…will be a fun project over time. Does any one have an idea of what a person should put on these for insurance purposes?

  2. Isnt that funny I just found one only its Tourquis and its been in this barn since 1979. I have it home now and in my car garage. started work this winter. am looking for a convetable top with bows preffer complete rag top only piece that is missing. I already have new seats new dash and new carpet got to love these old barns Wayner

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