Mike Yager’s 1957 Corvette Barn Find


Mike Yegar's 1957 Corvette Barn Find

Mid America Motorwork’s Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager recounts this Corvette barn find he investigated earlier this month. The Corvette in question was this Venetian Red 1957 roadster that had been locked away in a nailed up barn for over 35 years.

Here’s the story he tells:

On July 1, a gentleman stopped by our offices and asked if I would be interested in buying a 1957 Corvette. Upon asking the usual question, his comment of knowing about our Corvette Club back in the 1970’s peaked my interest in his Corvette. He said it was in a barn and had been “nailed in there” for over 35 years was the convincer that I had to go and LOOK.

My brother Ken grabbed a Corvette Black Book and we jumped into my 1994 Corvette Brickyard Convertible and followed our guest to his barn. That forty minute drive from our office had Ken and I talking like little boys awaiting Santa’s arrival. Would it be a FI car, dual carbs, perhaps an airbox RPO 684 Corvette, or……..

When we arrived at the “site”, we could not see a barn, just a driveway with weeds over chest high and an old path. As we started walking down this 200 foot path, we finally saw a house, barn and a shed. The seller informed us he had to get a pry bar in order to open the door. After attempting to open the door, we also had to saw a tree down in order for the barn door to slide open. Upon finally getting the door open this is what we saw! (pictured)

That this tale ends abruptly is an understatement, so we don’t know what he found exactly or if he actually acquired the car. Jump on over to Mike’s Blog and let’s see if we can persuade him to tell us the rest of the story.

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  1. Might explain why we never see coupons from Mid-America like we do their competitiors.

  2. Jeez this article takes you by storm, hooks you, and then pulls you in. Only to later through a 100 pound weight on your chest, and prop you in the pool, what the hell happened?

  3. Hello,

    The back page article on your barn find made me buy the magazine ! Can’t get enough of these “barn find” stories. I can just imagine the heart pounding feeling when a person finds out about the possibility of such a find and then actually being there to open up that barn door. I would much rather find and old unrestored / unmolested original than some of these restored “old girls” with the new technology. This will be one of my retirement projects to go out and “scour the land” and find some of those hidden / lost treasures. Good for you and keep searching. Is there a follow up on a restoration project for this ’57. Love those solid axel cars……used to have a ’58 !!

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