Corvette Pic of the Day: Buried Treasure


Corvette Pic of the Day: Buried Treasure

At some point, a map and shovel just might be needed to extracate this classic sixties Sting Ray Coupe from the junk that surrounds it.


1969 Corvette Stingray Barn Car Found in Maryland
1959 Corvette Barn Car Found in Wisconsin



  1. I couldn’t say it better then Mr Teeters did. This is absolutely horrible. Isn’t there some kind of law against such abuse?

  2. I think we should collectively suspend their muscle car license, at least FOR LIFE! LOL!

    I can’t quite tell, but I think I see B-pillar vents indicating either a ’64 or ’65. And the windshield trim “seems” to indicate that it’s not a ’63. Also, it looks like a Cragar Mag wheel. Can’t help but wonder how much of the car is left.

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