[VIDEO] Johnny O’Connell Talks with CorvetteBlogger at the 2010 Petit Le Mans


[VIDEO] Johnny O'Connell Talks with CorvetteBlogger at the 2010 Petit Le Mans

Yesterday we spoke with Corvette Racing C6.R driver Johnny O’Connell. We asked him his impressions about the season where in 8 races, the C6.Rs have yet to score a victory. Johnny also talked about the driver lineup changes that occured in Mosport and carried through to this weekend’s Petit Le Mans as well as his plans for his annual celebrity auction. Finally, Johnny’s personal 2002 Corvette named “Sweetness” just passed a milestone. We asked him what it was and what he did to celebrate.

FYI, there was a track loudspeaker set up directly in front of the Corvette Racing paddock. It’s quite loud and unlike our interview with Doug Fehan, its persistent throughtout our conversation.

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  1. Johnny is a big favorite with Corvette fans. He is a super classy guy, who loves and appreciates his fans and they return the favor.

  2. Johnny IS a very classy guy – all the Corvette guys are classy guys. They give to the fans selfishly – it is greatly appreciated – and we love watching the Corvettes. I feel particularly pleased with the Corvettes – because in the past it seemed that Chevrolet loved to feed us phony baloney about the Corvette being such a great car – well it never won much of anything of importance. Now the Corvette is the real deal – blowing away Porsches and Aston Martins, Ferraris etc. on a regular basis – AND it hasn’t been a flash in the pan like the Caddy prototype was – it seems Chevrolet is behind the Corvette and is putting some money where there advertising mouth is. Good job – This year was good – but the Corvette Team should be back winning races on a regular basis next year – Be fun watching what the new Lambo brings to the race track and what Corvette does with ’em.

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