A Conversation with Doug Fehan at the 2010 Petit Le Mans


A Conversation with Doug Fehan at the 2010 Petit Le Mans

CorvetteBlogger is live from Road Atlanta this weekend for Petit Le Mans and we had the opportunity to catch up with Corvette Racing’s Program Manager Doug Fehan. We spoke about the trials and tribulations of the 2010 season and look ahead to 2011 where the ACO rules will allow paddle shift transmissions. Is Corvette Racing heading down that path? Make the jump and watch our exclusive interview with the Dr. Fehan.

FYI, there was a track loudspeaker set up directly in front of the Corvette Racing paddock and while its quite loud at the beginning, it does go away.

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  1. VERY interesting interview Kieth. The new paddle shift rule was by by the most interesting. I’m not really in favor of it, but the great majority of the manufacturers have been using them for years now.

  2. Corvette and winning is one word. So by winning this last race of the season, shows corvette and its programs is going in the right direction as far as the GT2 program and its future. Just win baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great interview. Everyone would love to see a Corvette win at petit le mans. I for one think that the paddle shifters would be a good move for the program (and it sure sounds like they’re headed there anyway) because sooner or later the street version is going to have world-class paddles, like it or not. So they might as well be the best, race-tested, race-proven paddle shifters out there. I can think of few better ways of developing something than to put it through the paces of Corvette Racing.

  4. Great interview Keith. My internet was down for over a week and I just got to watch it. You asked a lot of relevant questions and Doug certainly ran with them and went deep with his answers. Thanks again for the great web site.

  5. We were very happy to get time with Dr. Fehan and each time we do an interview with him, it’s better than the previous. Thanks again for your kind words and visiting! – Keith

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