[VIDEO] Celebrating Drive Your Corvette To Work Day


[VIDEO] Celebrating Drive Your Corvette To Work Day

Friday’s usually find me in downtown Tampa where I pay a weekly visit to my datacenter and since today was Drive Your Corvette to Work day, I drove my 1966 Corvette. So here is a quick video I put together of (drumroll) yes, me driving my Corvette to work!

While on the road, I saw two other Corvettes (and got waves from both). I also spent a cycle at a red light debating the benefits of a 327 V8 with two guys in a pickup. Is that a 63 Corvette? Close!

National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day encourages Corvette owners to drive their cars on the Friday closest to June 30th, Corvette’s birthday. Hopefully, you were able to get your Corvette out as well.

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  1. Very cool Keith! I own 3 Corvettes: 72, 92 and a new Z06. I’d love a midyear too but it has to be stick like the others. Did not drive any today as I took the day off, but I went to see my 72 at the shop going through a new oil pan install.

  2. Thanks for taking us for the drive Keith. I’ve never been for a ride in a midyear before, what an awesome piece of rolling art they are!
    Someday I’m gonna ……………

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