[VIDEO] Pull the Fuse on your C6 Corvette’s Dual Mode Exhaust


[VIDEO] Pull the Fuse on your C6 Corvette's Dual Mode Exhaust

Since the introduction of the dual mode performance exhaust on Z06 Corvettes back in 2006, owners have been doing this very simple mod to keep the NPP’s butterfly valves open so they can enjoy that deep exhaust rumble all the time. Since it’s such a popular and easy mod to do, we though we would make a quick video about the fuse and its location, as well as give you a couple of before and after sounds so you hear the difference.

After I pulled the fuse, I went for a quick cruise. While I like how the Corvette’s exhaust sounds with the fuse pulled at idle, I found the experience of cruising down the highway at 70 mph in a convertible with the top down to be just a little too much. After 100 miles I pulled over and quickly reinstalled the fuse. That’s why I would recommend going with one of the aftermarket solutions that allows you to turn on and off the NPP exhaust remotely.

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  1. Keith excellent video on the NPP mufflers, I have a 2009 Corvette Championship Edition vin NUmber 30002, signed at Sebring by the Corvette Drivers, love the car and now with a better sound, thank you

  2. Keith, I have recently purchased a 2010 coupe. will the removal of the fuse work on my car or is it only for the high end models. Thanks…

  3. John:

    Yep, it will work with any NPP-equipped C6. The Grand Sport that is in the video is a 2010 convertible. Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on your new Corvette.


  4. Great video, I have a 2010 Grand Sport and want to pull the fuse. If i do will it void warranty or show any codes at the dealership or anything to show that this has been done before?

  5. Mike

    It will not void your warranty. I’m not sure if will “show codes” at the dealership, but you’ll see how quick and easy it is to pull the fuse or put it back in. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!


  6. Keith, the snow and bad weather is finally gone and the car is out of storage. The first thing we did was pop the fuse. Very Cool. The sound is unbelievable – it sounds like a Corvette should. We have the automatic with the paddles and turn heads at every stop light. However, 6th gear produces a loud drone as others have stated. – so we drive in 5th on the interstates, perfect. Thanks for the tip.
    John Moses


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