GM’s Race To Win Corvette Sweepstakes is Now Live


GM's Race To Win Corvette Sweepstakes is Now Live

General Motors will be giving one lucky winner the opportunity to win a new 2011 Corvette Grand Sport and a trip to the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans. You can register for the sweepstakes by visiting You’ll have to answer three simple questions to fill out the entry form, but trust me – they are easy! The Grand Prize drawing will take place on July 7, 2010. There is also a “Refer-a-Friend” contest in which the winner will receive a PRS SE Model Guitar signed by the Corvette Racing Team. PRS Guitars is a sponsor of Corvette Racing.

Click here to Register

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  1. Chey produts are my favorite cars. I have a S10, 2003 and dearly love it. get awesome milage on it.Can’t afford another car, Been everywhere in my truck. would like a montcarlo or Equniox but can’t get one. LOVE

  2. I had a 68 Corvette conv and loved it dearly but I sold it to buy our first house when I got married in 1980. My wife and I now have three beautiful daughters and a grand son who live in Germany I am now retired and want to relive the handling and power that I knew when I was younger.
    Thankyou for perticapiting in A.L.M.S. Try not to miss a race.

  3. I had a 67 vet an loved it, Hated to get read of it but 32 years latter I would love the chance to wien one.

  4. Corvettes are the one and only true American sports car – long live the Red – White and Blue!

  5. I was lucky enough to buy a 2003 5oth anniversary Black ZO6 when they came out. It’s my 1st and only Vette. I grew aup around them all my life, my unlce had a 66 Vette 427, My Dad a 74 and 78 Stingray. My son is now a Vette Lover also! Keep the American dream alive and keep building those rockets!!!! And get back to beating the pants off of those snotty Porshce’s and Ferraris! Can’t wait for the race in Long Beach! GO CORVETTE REACING TEAM!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow what a great sweepstakes. I have driven a old corvette and it was amazing… I can only imagine what driving a new one would be like. I sure hope I win.

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