When Customizing Corvettes Goes Too Far


One of the timeless debates about classic Corvettes revolves around modding/customization versus the pursuit of Matching Numbers restoration. We see these conversations all the time on some of the forums and people are usually quite passionate on both sides of the debate.

So you found an old Corvette for sale and you’ve made the plunge. What-to-do-first scenarios turn in your mind as some days you’re going to NCRS Top Flight the car, and other days, you want to turn the Corvette into a nitrous breathing street racer capable of turning 10’s on street tires. So what should you do you ask yourself and anybody else that will listen.

“It will be worth more if you correctly restored the car” is probably the most common phrase you’ll hear from the Matching Numbers Camp. “Drop a Big Block in it and add a nice set of rims” say the customizers.

In this case the decision you make is easy. The car you bought turns out not to be numbers matching so you start down the road of customization. Slowly at first. Maybe some Crager rims or side-mount exhaust. But then you gain momentum. You’re spending money freely now, buying aftermarket racing parts from Summit or Jegs, making body modifications and even getting ideas from cars in a James Bond flick. And the day you decide that it would be really cool to take out the small block and drop in a Hemi (yes a Hemi!), you know you’ve crossed over to the dark side.

$50,000 later you’ve realized that while you’ve had fun doing the work and love the attention the car brings you, you’re in too deep. You take the car to an auction and dump it, telling yourself with little conviction that while you’re out the money, you’re better off in the long run. Like the crazy girl you dated right out of school, the sex was great, but she trashed your life and left you when you were broke, and just knowing you’d never have to see that psycho bitch ever again made life worth living.

At another auction, many years later, the Hemi-Vette surfaces again, giving another buyer the opportunity to do something so completely stupid with his money that he’d be better off throwing stacks of cash off a bridge than putting money into that monstrosity.

And so the circle continues…

James Bond 007 Hemi-Vette for sale on eBay

1966 Convertible Corvette 1966 Convertible Corvette 1966 Convertible Corvette



  1. my 92 vette was wrecked- targa top and hatch were removed and a speedster hatch was installed. It looks great- except it is a sunny day car only…any ideas on a temporary top…that can be either placed on car and stored in garage. or etc? Any ideas would be welcomed

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