[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette Takes First Drive in 50 Years


[VIDEO] 1967 Corvette Takes First Drive in 50 Years

This Silver 1967 Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe is somewhat of a mystery.

You have to wonder why someone would put a car like that into storage just four years into its life where it would remain for 50 years until rescued by a YouTuber named Dieseled Dragon Garage.

But perhaps the bigger mystery is what happened to the original 427 power plant and why would someone replace it with a 283 small block V8?

Dieseled Dragon Garage picked up the car in October 2021 and went to work on the seized engine despite plans to replace it. In this new video, he takes a closer look at the brakes before embarking on the Corvette’s first drive in 50 years.

As he takes off the rear driver’s side wheel, he notes right away it’s missing its brake caliper and brake line, while the half-shaft to the wheel is unconnected. So after he gets those issues sorted away, and a temporary fuel tank installed, it’s time to take the Sting Ray for its first drive in 50 years.

The Corvette certainly doesn’t break any speed records on its maiden voyage, and there is a whole-lot of shaking going on, but the car manages to complete its circuit around the neighborhood.

This seems like an interesting project and the Corvette’s new young owner appears to be more than capable at getting the car up and running again, so we’ll make plans to check back from time to time to see how it’s coming along.

Dieseled Dragon Garage

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