Update on the Storm Damage to the Corvette Assembly Plant


Update on the Storm Damage to the Corvette Assembly Plant

As the new work week slowly gets underway, new details are emerging about General Motor’s response to the storm damage that will keep the plant shuttered for a least the next week and maybe even longer. Since our updates on Saturday, here is what we have learned.

GM announced on Saturday that the Corvette Assembly Plant will be closed for at least this week. The automaker will be bringing in a specialized group of contractors to review the damage and come up with a repair plan.

We know there was some serious roof damage caused by wind and fire, and GM has said the employee entrance to the assembly plant was also damaged. However, a flyover by a Nashville TV station didn’t show holes in the roof or charred remains from the fire, so we are hoping that it may not be as ominous as it sounds.

Newschannel 5 Flyover

General Motors has sent out an official message to suppliers about the closure this week and stated it is unknown whether or not the plant will resume production the week of December 20th

To: All GM Bowling Green 18016 Suppliers

Due to the impact from the tornadoes that came through Bowling Green on December 11th, BGA will not be running production on either shift for the week of December 13th. At this time, it is unknown if we will be able to resume production for the week of December 20th. There will be a bulletin sent at later date to communicate those plans. Please pay close attention to your updated EDI and monitor it daily as it should reflect these changes in the schedule.

Please also let us know if your supply of parts was/is impacted by this weather event and what measures you plan to take to satisfy our future requirements.

Your support, as usual, is highly appreciated.

We also know that Shane at the Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program has contacted those customers whose new Corvettes were damaged while being stored at the NCM Motorsports Park. The email states that repairs will be attempted prior to your scheduled delivery appointment, however, it’s uncertain at this time. They are asking for “patience and flexibility as we navigate this unprecedented event.”

NCM R8C Message

After taking two days off, the National Corvette Museum has reopened to the public this morning. We haven’t heard of really any storm damage to the facility which is fantastic news. We even hear that a few customers did take delivery of their Corvettes over the weekend. Unfortunately, the NCM Motorsports Park wasn’t as lucky as we’ve seen the pics showing damage to the Holley Control Tower, the karting office, and the R8C storage garages. All events at the Motorsports Park have been canceled until further notice.

That’s the latest as of Monday morning. We’ll continue to post updates as we have them.

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  1. I can only hope the commenters here are being sarcastic. As someone awaiting a ’22 Z51 C8, all I can do is accept the situation; this was nobody’s fault. Besides, there are alot of people across IL, MO and KY that are dealing with way more problems than an already more than delayed new car. My Corvette can wait. Prayers to all affected.

  2. I agree with Brian. Our Corvettes are just for fun. People have lost lives, as well as everything they own. Some plant workers probably included.

    Wow. The C8 has kind of been cursed since it’s launch.

  3. i have been waiting for my C8 since June of 2020. The dealership I ordered from did not get an allocation for until September of 2021. I was told in the end of October I would have mine by Christmas. This is just another delay.

  4. Some future C8 owners on the Corvette Forum right now are thinking about 1 thing.

  5. It just more of a wait no big deal, tomorrow is never promised so … my heart goes out to those truly effected by the tornados, especially this time of year.

  6. I to am waiting for my C8 to be completed, but the guy who made the stupid comment
    about the south should crawl back under his rock and be happy he wasn’t involved in the devastation! Cars aren’t nearly as important as people’s well being. Those affected
    should be, and are in my prayers!!

  7. Are the cars that are damage classified as having been wrecked. How does this affect the resale and insurance value.
    When you ordered and paid for your Corvette you were paying for a new one not a rebuilt one. So how does this work?

    I’m saddened by the loss of life as a result of the storm. My heart goes out to those folks. My questions and comments are made in light of the sadness.

  8. As someone who had a TPW of this week I can say I’ll gladly wait. Give those folks some time to get their lives back together.
    As for the guy that made the comments about the South: I’ll make a deal with you. Don’t come down here and we won’t sell you any oil form Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana to heat your home during the winter. Enjoy your Prius.

  9. Oh thats Sad but pls deliver mine on time i can see my orange C8 is ready there 😂 just kidding. God bless and hope all r safe.

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