Did Chevy Accidentally Show Two New Colors for the 2023 Corvette at the LA Auto Show?


Did Chevy Accidentally Show Two New Colors for the 2023 Corvette at the LA Auto Show?

If you look closely at this picture below of the paint samples that were on display at the LA Auto Show, you might realize there are 14 distinct colors being shown despite the Corvette Assembly Plant only having the current capacity to paint 12 colors per model year for the Chevrolet Corvette.

The two extra paint samples appear to be non-production colors, leading Corvette enthusiasts to believe that Chevy may have inadvertently leaked two new colors for the 2023 Corvette.

Corvette Exterior Display

The photo of the paint display case was posted to the Corvette Forum by “Pohlmit” and close-up photos of the new paint samples appear to show a Pearl White and a Carbon Flash Metallic Black.

A full Carbon Flash exterior has only appeared on modern-day Corvettes during the 2012 model year for the Centennial Edition which celebrated 100 years of Chevrolet. The Pearl White (pearlescent metallic?) has long been on the wishlists of Corvette enthusiasts, especially after the assembly plant’s paint shop was upgraded in 2017 and now has the ability to do a tri-color paint.

Carbon Flash C8 Corvette example

So, back to the display and this is where things get really interesting. A Corvette Forum member named “MilesC8” shared these two photos of the new colors and says he was there when reps came and took away the two non-production colors:

I was at show today and while I was looking at the display of paint colors, they removed it. Overheard the guys saying that they were not supposed to have put it out. Guess the 2 new colors were not supposed to be known yet. Looks they’re a pearl white and carbon flash.

Pearl White C8 Corvette Exterior

Having seen these official exterior displays, we have to think that Chevrolet will likely swap out the standard black and Arctic White for these two new colors for the 2023 model year. With the 2023 model year being the 70th Anniversary of the Corvette, it could be that Chevy is working on a 70th Anniversary model that pays tribute to the original Corvette with a new modern white metallic exterior combined with the Adrenaline Red dipped interior.

What are your thoughts on adding a Pearl White or Carbon Flash Metallic to the 2023 exterior colors? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Fancy paint formulations are just an excuse for GM to charge extra for them & drive up prices (and profits).

  2. Yay. Another black and another white.

    One of the reasons I haven’t tried harder to reserve a Z06 is none of the colors right now are very interesting. For the most part they are standard fare. While adding some pearls to white and rehashing the same carbon flash paint is better than nothing, it also isn’t that great.

  3. 1st- Great Job GM for the amazing car.
    I agree with Jonathan. Bring some REAL supercar colors and vertical doors also. My wife is an artist with a degree in Liberal arts with focus with interior design. She states that the C8 design cues are too busy ie the new bodyline over the front fender which goes to nowhere. More metal flake colors need to be introduced and added clear coat layers to bring depth like the AMAZING NSX color upgrade had brought. 18 mil depth is astonishing. So, to run with the top dogs, bring custom color options and ability for people to request one off color schemes. I would love a Metal or candy Purple, Color shifting & regular Blurple and why remove a color to add another that is lesser? The flat orange is flat but have the other option also instead of removing it.

    I will be picking one up, Elkhart Lake Blue Tension Blue hopefully I can afford the Z07. However, I will be adding vert doors. Maybe wrap it in Stradmans color.

  4. Gee, since Corvette sales have plummeted maybe we should listen to these so-called “designers” (I think the couch should go across from.the fireplace) and create Ed “Big Daddy” Roth metal flake Street rods. After all, they all have so much real-life automotive experience.

  5. As someone who loves his 2021 Red Mist Metallic C-8, I am looking forward to ordering a Z-06.
    I would definitely consider a pearlescent white one. I have always liked that color on many cars.

  6. Corvette’s marketing dept. doesn’t do “accidents”. They’ve been in hyper-drive since before the release of the 2020 C8. The current frenzy over the Z06/7 is proof positive they know how to yank the chain of ‘vette fan boys.

  7. Get rid of 2 whites and 1 black to replace by metallic dark green, a light solid green, + purple. Don’t care for ceramic grey either, more street cred with bubble gum Pink with black or chrome trim. Take That Lambo fans 🤣 😎…

  8. Get RID of plain white, blah. Get Rid of Ceramic, terrible. Get the Coffee crap outa here, WHO the hell signed off on that? The metallic white will be great to play with. Did they keep Marrello Red? My pick for the metallic white.

  9. 1 of 180 HTC 2020 in Ceramic Matrix Gray in my garage. 500 or so for 2021. Have not looked at final 2022 numbers. I hope they change it out to the Pearl.

  10. These would be two very welcome colors but PLEASE bring back Black Rose Metallic and a some sort of metallic green and get rid of Caffeine and Ceramic Gray.

  11. They must be saving wilder colors in green and purple hues for five years from now when sales fall off the cliff again.

  12. I will be ordering the white on red Z07 optioned Z06. The metal in the white will be helpful since this car will see track days.

    FYI no wheel issues on my C8 Stingray or C7 Z06.

  13. Congratulations Chevrolet. You managed to create a new element- Unobtanium. Demand far exceeds the ability to produce the new C8s and dealer markups are insane. Oh, and to get one there are waitlists as long as 2 years!!! So does the introduction of 2 new colors matter?

    Side effects of Unobtanium is conversion of loyal Corvette owner/enthusiasts to become Porsche buyers. By the time Chevrolet catches up, Ford will introduce a new Shelby with rear engine configuration.

  14. Agree with Gasman 100%. Catch up on production first. At this rate, those who have placed deposits in their 2025 models have undoubtedly already been told by their dealers that they’ll likely get it as a 2027. Unless they’re a social media “influencer” or a hood-dwelling , AK-toting lowlife “rapper” or “baller”; in that case, they’ll conveniently get bumped up on the priority list so they can get a 2023.

    In all seriousness, they have bigger fish to fry than leaking colors. Period.


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