Couple Donates 2016 Corvette Z06 to the National Corvette Museum


Couple Donates 2016 Corvette Z06 to the National Corvette Museum

The circle of life might be one way to sum up the latest donation to the National Corvette Museum.

When he was just a very young man, Tim passed by a neighbor’s farm on his school bus and saw a 1953 Corvette sitting there.

Thus began a lifetime of love for the then-fledgling Chevy sports car.

The Corvette – and Tim – have grown up considerably over the past 68 years.

When he passed the ’53 that day, he thought to himself: “Oh, I’d like to have a Corvette, love to have a Corvette. Then the ’62s came out, and I fell in love with the ‘62s, so I worked myself to a point in my life where I could afford one.”

His wife, Christine Ann, found this new 2016 Arctic White convertible with a red, white, and blue stripe and blue canvas top on the internet, and the couple took possession of the car at the National Corvette Museum through the R8C option.

Tim says he had been thinking about a Torch Red Z06 convertible with a Kalahari top, but once he saw the Arctic White one, the search was over. “I thought, that’s a beautiful vehicle, so we took delivery in August 2016 and have enjoyed it ever since.”

Now, his wife encouraged him to donate the car back to the National Corvette Museum “if they’re interested.”

Suffice it to say Derek Moore, director of collections/curator, was thrilled to receive the car.

“It’s a very special donation,” he said during a Nov. 5 ceremony when the couple dropped off their Corvette at the NCM. “It’s actually an R8C delivery car, and now they’re returning it home if you will, in somewhat of a reverse delivery. This is very special because this completes another kind of history here at the Museum. We have every model of C7 in the collection except for the Z06, until today. Now that we have that complete collection, we’re able to tell that [part of the] history of the Corvette through all of the different models – the Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1, so it’s a great addition to the collection here at the National Corvette Museum.”

National Corvette Museum / YouTube

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