[PIC] 2023 Corvette Z06 Rendering with Round Taillights


[PIC] 2023 Corvette Z06 Rendering with Round Taillights

Some Corvette owners just can’t let it go when it comes to Chevy’s decision to change longstanding design cues on the car.

Corvettes received its first round taillights with the redesign of the 1961 Corvette and they would become a fixture on the cars that would span five generations through 2013.

Chevy famously deleted the Corvette’s round taillights on the C7 Corvettes as it progressed to using a custom LED projection design that many complained looked too much like those on the Camaro. They didn’t really, but they weren’t round and that’s what appeared to upset a small but vocal subset of our hobby.

But now there is a new Corvette hot on everyone’s mind – the 2023 Corvette Z06 – so sure enough we have a round taillight rendering out there that is supposed to show us what we’ve all been missing.

The rendering comes from CorvetteForum member ‘AustinVetter’ who writes:

Love the beautiful flowing lines of the C7/C8 until you get to the rear of the car with the hodgepodge taillight design. IMHO, taillights should never be so obnoxious they become the focal point of the car. Anyhoo, here is a mockup I just did with C6 type lights. Some will prefer the current design but I certainly would much prefer if the C8Z looked like this!


As much as I do enjoy the current design, I must say these don’t look horrible and it’s probably just the nostalgia from how much I loved the simplicity of the C6 Corvette. This blog started in 2005 with the C6 and it’s not an understatement to say we’ve been fans ever since.

The Forum membership seems to be about 50/50 on it as well which is surprising to some who have read through the entire thread. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

CorvetteForum.com via AutoEvolution.com

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  1. I surprised myself when I saw the rendering, I really like it. I have to admit it took me a while to adjust to the C7 tail lights and by the time the C8’s hit the scene I was sold. Now I see this round version and like it. I doubt G.M. will change back.

  2. I remember when the C7 Corvette first debuted, that shortly after, an aftermarket company was preparing to provide a rear clip that resembled a C6 corvette. Don’t know if they ever followed through with that.

  3. I like ’em! ~ I really do! They really look great to me. AND . . .
    …they make a nice an’ nostalgic connection with the generations that came before in the Corvette family. I give ’em two thumbs up!

  4. Chevy will save the round taillights until the day they don’t have a substantial leap forward like the highest horsepower naturally aspirated V8 ever in a production vehicle.

    Then about 50% of the corvette community will ooh and ahh and be satisfied because… Round taillights.

    I don’t dislike these, but I never had a problem with the C7 taillights, either.

  5. Like the round “friend” shapes of the exhaust cluster and the complementary horizontal shapes. The OEM rear end looks like a giant stomped on it.

  6. That looks like a Ferrari for sure … with those Taillights!! It literally threw me for a few seconds …I definitely like it for the Z06/Z07 …so people following the Vette …know what it “Really Is”….Not a Stingray!! It gives it a much different look…and a visual appeal….that puts the Z06/Z07 …in it’s own Class !! As it should be in !! Just saying…I love them Both…but I prefer the the ZO6/Z07 …have more of it’s “Own” Identity & Personality!!

  7. I think the C7 and above lights look a bit more aggressive, and the ones pictured more classic. I actually like both.

  8. Yes! It is about time! I hate the the Corvette is looking more and more like a Camaro. It should be distinctively different.

  9. I think this actually looks great but I understand why some are butthurt about it on both sides.

    I think chevy could, perhaps, benefit from doing a limited run of the C8 with some throwback cues, you know? Give it a chrome grille, smaller wheels with bigger tires, two tone paints that pop, round tails, and I would absolutely love to see a bug catcher sticking up out of it’s back.

  10. AustinVetter, I’d be interested to see what you can do with flipUp headlights for the C8. IMHO, you are one talented guy!!

  11. Dear old guys,

    Round taillights aren’t coming back.


    The rest of the Corvette market

  12. I love the signature legacy look of the round tail lights.
    Nothing to do with being “old” as some may wish to refer to in the dismissive. Unfortunately pressures to follow a narrative of being new, progressive even trendy, or the erroneous conclusions about bring in a broader demographic leads to loss of a valuable identifying stylistic signature. Instead of evolving the design element (aka a certain Italian Auto maker, and Fords super cars) we often are left with cluttered, awkward design themes that in the end often age poorly and detract from the continued development of esthetic pedigree.
    I am a devoted Corvette fan but all the levels to the rears horizontal design elements are somewhat strained appearing. While I love this C8, would like some lasting identity out back.
    Imagine the look this wild car could have out back if the work had been to evolve as Ferrari and Ford (Ford GT)have done with thier cars.
    All said, I am over the top excited with anticipation for delivery of the next Z06 for which I currently only have a deposit for a position to order. If I’m lucky maybe 2023….

  13. I have a C3 and a C6 so YES I would like the round tail lights on the C8. Now, get rid of that dumb-ass wing that not one owner out of a thousand would ever benefit from and I might buy one.

  14. The round taillight people need to get over it. The round taillights would indicate a giant step backwards. This car is going to compete with Ferraris, Mclarens,Lambos, Porsche and other European super cars. The C8 Z06 designers did a fabulous job with the new design, including the taillights. I have owned 11 Corvettes and hope the round taillights do not come back. I presently own a yellow C7 Z06 with 801 RWH and have my deposit on the C8 Z06 since February 2019. I will order a Z06 Z07 LT3 with all the carbon fiber features and especially the wing. I am 75 but I know Corvette needs the 35 to 55 year old buyers to compete with the exotics not the old round taillights diehards. Maybe an aftermarket company will make a round taillights retro kit for those owners.

  15. These look amazing!! Makes the exotic look even more exotic. The current ones are fine, these make it look like a 488. I like that.

  16. Like it. would be a great aftermarket bumper to add, to distinguish the zo6 from the other models, kind of like the original c4 zr1.

  17. I love it keeping a piece of the heritage is always good Remind were u came and what it take for u to get here C5 z06 was the turning point of z06. So I support it

  18. There are so few cars that can truly pull off the circular tail lights. Ferrari is one of those…The Corvette was one of the very few others. And the argument about needing to progress your design doesn’t hold any sand. Ferrari continually evolves their designs and yet keep their signature circular tail lights.

    That being said, when the C7 came out…I didn’t mind the new design. And actually the photoshops and mock ups of the circular tail lights just didn’t work for me on the C7. It seemed forced. And with the C8 I like the boomerang design as well.

    I have to say tho. Artistically speaking……This mock up works for me and actually gives the car a more elegant exotic look to the car that does hearken to it’s past. I hate to keep bringing up Ferrari…but the designs of the Ferrari’s are so much more elegant than say the Lamgorghini which is very in your face and brute force in design. Not a bad thing for the Lambos. That is their style. And it has it’s own beauty.

    I have always thought the Corvettes found a great balance between elegance and brute force…And I think the C7 and C8 have moved closer to the brute force side than the elegance side. Again…not a bad thing…just an observation. But for me..this mock up brings something that really works for me that didn’t on the C7.

    I really like both designs…and would be happy with either. But with a choice…I might actually prefer this design.

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