[VIDEO] Forza Horizon 5’s Corvette Barn Find Sequence


[VIDEO] Forza Horizon 5's Corvette Barn Find Sequence

Photo Credit: Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is an immersive open-world driving game that allows you to go out and drive in a fictionalized world that resembles Mexico. Part of the game’s appeal is the ability to fully explore the map on your time or participate in racing others online. We mentioned earlier that C8 Corvettes are available in the game along with a bevy of other models from previous generations.

Now that the game has been about for a few days (it launched on November 9th), we’ve spotted a cool barn find sequence that has an old Corvette inside. It’s pretty cool to see the Corvette turned into a treasure hunt of sorts, but that’s how it is in real life, so it makes sense to replicate that thrill of the find in a video game that’s all about the driving.

[VIDEO] Forza Horizon 5's Corvette Barn Find Sequence

The sequence shows a car driving through tree-covered fields before arriving at a barn. Opening the barn doors reveals a 1953 Corvette inside. One of the reviews we read on it says that you can also leave your own cars in the barn for other gamers to find and enjoy.

We are guessing based on the game dialogue and this preview photo that once you have discovered the barn find, you then turn the car over to a mechanic who restores it for you.


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