[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Club Meet in Dubai


[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Club Meet in Dubai

Last month the Emirates Corvette Club in the UAE hosted a C8 Corvette Owners Event and boy, do these guys really know how to do a cruise!

A member of the club on Facebook named Al Naqbi Ahmed Khalid shared a huge photo gallery which shows the day’s events. We also note that club members received a swag bag as well as a certificate for their participation in the event.

But the real fun was the group driving portion which was captured in a great video. As you can imagine, there are a lot of wide open spaces outside of Dubai and it was fun watching these Corvettes roll through the sandy environment. At the end of the video, the club takes a unique group shot as well.

From Corvette Parts via YouTube:

This work is proudly dedicated to everyone who contributed to this creativity and to all the Corvette lovers and the history of the legend. We dedicate the first Corvette C8 angel gathering at all levels. And we waited for all new and distinctive by club members, board of directors, and photo crew. Special thanks to everyone 🙏🏽

Corvette Parts / YouTube

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  1. CHEVROLET Dubai UAE is the only dealership in the world that will take a camel in trade for a new Corvette. And why is everyone named “Al”?

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