[ACCIDENT] Army Veterans Spring Into Action to Help Officer Struck by a C7 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Army Veterans Spring Into Action to Help Officer Struck by a C7 Corvette

Photo Credit: NBCMiami.com

Two veterans sprang into action early Sunday morning after a Miami Beach police officer was struck on his ATV by a red C7 Corvette coupe.

Former U.S. Army soldiers Michael Lane and David Kelley witnessed the 4:30 a.m. crash on the corner of 9th Street and Washington Avenue and quickly came to the aid of the officer.

“He was dazed and confused so I had him sit down and just tried to address the situation from there,” Kelley said. “You hear the noise and you see it happen and instinct just kind of takes over. You’re not really thinking. You just go over there and try to help someone out.”

Video from the scene shows the ATV and the Corvette – its front end badly damaged – sitting nose to nose, as well as the injured officer, the top of his head wrapped by a bandage, being helped out of an ambulance by another police officer and paramedic.

“Next thing I know the Corvette stopped and I heard ‘bang!’ and that’s when I realized it was an accident. The cop rolled over the hood,” Lane told an NBC 6 South Florida reporter on the scene.

Police say the Corvette driver, 26-year-old Nash Martin, failed to yield to the officer, who was responding to a call on his ATV. Martin was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended New York driver’s license.

The officer was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital for minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

“He had a small laceration to the back of his head, a little blood,” Lane said. “He was able to walk to the ambulance though.”

You can watch the news report of the accident scene at nbcmiami.com.


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