Corvettes for Sale: 2021 Ronald McDonald Special Offered for $249K


Corvettes for Sale: 2021 Ronald McDonald Special Offered for $249K

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Time and again we’ve seen examples where rarity doesn’t automatically mean desirable. Take for example this 2021 Corvette Stingray Convertible for sale on AutoTrader.

Outfitted in Accelerate Yellow exterior interior and color-overrided with an Adrenaline Red Napa Leather interior, the Stingray is one of 69 to have the “unique” color combination. That was actually higher than expected after checking the 2021 Corvette Production Statistics.

Does that rarity make it more desirable? Would you pay more for such a color combination?

Corvettes for Sale: 2021 Ronald McDonald Special Offered for $249K

The reason we bring this us is that the seller of the 2021 Corvette Convertible has is listed on for $249,000, making this one of the most expensive C8 Corvette we’ve ever seen for sale on the secondary market.

Whenever I see a price like this that is so outside the bounds of what 2021 3LT Convertibles are selling for, it makes us wonder just how bad the seller is really trying. In fact, the joke is usually the wife wants it gone, so he lists the cars for sale to appease her, but sets the selling price so high that no one will touch it.

In this case, the seller doesn’t appear to be trying all that hard to command the premium selling price, stating simply that “Not many made with this color combo.”

Corvettes for Sale: 2021 Ronald McDonald Special Offered for $249K

The Stingray has 550 miles on the odometer and options are said to be the Z51 Performance Package along with the Battery Protection Package. No Mag Ride, no E60 Front Lift. But it does have that D30 Color Override!

Need another reason to purchase this car? “It’s like being a Movie star!” says the description.

And there you have it…

Corvettes for Sale: 2021 Ronald McDonald Special Offered for $249K


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  1. I have a 2020 Z51 Couple with these colors and get nothing but compliments everywhere I go. I had one guy actually follow me until I finally parked so he could take photos of it. He told me he seen me several different days but always going in another direction, said he wanted the photos to show his son.

    Still not a lot of C8’s in my area but I do live out in the sticks so no surprise, I haven’t had any negative comments about the color combo. I do have Mag Ride, Front lift, silver stripes and many other bells and whistles. Just wanted to add my 2 cents 😁


  3. Only a clown would pay that. (Since someone on here already said they had this color combo, I changed my comment.). You’re welcome.

  4. I have a Corvette Racing Yellow/Spice Red C7 GS convertible. Someone else’s color combination should not be made fun of.

  5. To C6ron7 – consider this as your “first” negative comment about the color combo. Hope you enjoy.

  6. Need a large “M” on the hood, i had the chance a few years ago to buy my brothers yellow C7 convertible, so i asked my wife if she wanted to get rid of her Monterey Red C6 for it, she told me after driving it for a few days, “I love the car, but i just can’t live with that color”, so no sale.

  7. I am pretty sure this car also comes with the McDonald’s that is on the corner of 5 th and Main Street

  8. It’s not the color combo that’s at issue here (though I wouldn’t choose this for myself), it’s the price, plain and simple, that is ridiculous.

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