[VIDEO] Bagged 2021 Corvette Running on Ferrada CM2 Wheels


[VIDEO] Bagged 2021 Corvette Running on Ferrada CM2 Wheels

Photo Credit: Ferrada Wheels

Here’s a fun video to share from Ferrada Wheels featuring a bagged 2021 Corvette Stingray wearing their 10-spoke CM2 custom wheels.

The bagged suspension trend has been a bit surprising to us since we don’t remember seeing many (or any?) C7 Corvettes with the airbag suspension, yet the last few custom wheel videos for C8s all seem to have it. For those that do a lot of shows and events in their cars, the ability to drop your C8 to the pavement is a pretty cool look as the video shows.

But enough about airbags, let’s talk custom wheels since it is #WheelWednesday!

Ferrada specializes in concave wheel designs and these wheels featured on the C8 Corvette are from their Concave Madness CM2 line-up. We really like some of these details on the wheels which include the 10-spoke design, the sharp edges of the spokes, and the larger curved outer lip. These are specifically called Machine Black with a Chrome lip and they are one of the five designs available. Other available colors include Matte Black, Machine Silver, Matte Graphite, and Brushed Cobre.

[VIDEO] Bagged 2021 Corvette Running on Ferrada CM2 Wheels

Photo Credit: Ferrada Wheels

While most of the C8s we see with custom wheels go to a larger stance than the OEM spec of 19/20s on the front and rears, this Arctic White C8 went with a box set-up of 20x9s on the front and 20x11s on the rears. You could do a staggered set if you wish as their sizing ranges from 19×8.5s to 22x11s.

Ferrada doesn’t share any prices on their website as they will refer you to one of their dealers. But a search for CM2 wheels shows they are priced roughly between $550-$700 per wheel depending on size and finish, making a set of four very affordable.

What are your thoughts on these custom wheels by Ferrada? Is a bagged suspension something you are interested in doing to your C8 Corvette? Let us know in the comments below.

Ferrada Wheels / YouTube

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  1. Not digging it! It’s a Corvette not a lowrider! But Keith will write that it looks good so not to hurt the owners feelings. Keith is entitled to his opinion even though he knows he is wrong.

  2. The C7 may have escaped the bagging trend, but unfortunately they suffered from the Lambo doors affliction! Although now that trend is working it’s way into the C8! Mostly because the C8 looks more exotic than the C7 did so it would be more appropriate on a C8.

  3. Those wheels look a ton better than what comes on the car from Chevrolet. I’ve ordered a C8 and when I get it, I’ll be looking for those Ferrada’s. Bagging this car: If you must, I guess …or not.

  4. Something weird going on here. On the parking roof, the car is lowered on the wheels. But the rolling footage clearly shows a gap between fender and tire, the elevated position. But raising the front lift has a max speed of 30 mph then the car automatically lowers. Car definitely looks like it’s rolling faster than that!

  5. Factory did it right from the get-go! Corvettes aren’t the low righter scene amongst Vette- heads!

  6. Don’t like the lack of stagger. Front wheels look way too large with this set up, especially dropped. Bagged? Meh. Something just doesn’t work for the Vette with that. But then, I never saw the point in dropping a car to the ground with air bags. Corvette is not a low rider type of culture.

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