[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Stingray Crushed While Riding On An Auto Transporter


[ACCIDENT] C8 Corvette Stingray Crushed While Riding On An Auto Transporter

Photo Credit: Cedric Massey / Facebook

It’s not often that we find ourselves at a loss of words but that’s the case here.

Check out this pic sent to me by a reader over the weekend that shows Torch Red C8 Corvette that was crushed by the upper deck of an automotive transporter.

My first thought was that “sometimes Corvettes fall off lifts, and sometimes the lifts fall on Corvettes.”

We don’t have any clue whether or not this was an operator error or if the hydraulics on the auto transporter failed during shipment, but it’s a catastrophe either way for the owner of this Corvette who is most likely now dealing with his insurance agent.

We wish the best to the owner of the car, as well as the transports’ operator unless of course, it was his fault in which case our readers will surely recommend a punishment EQUAL to the harm they were inflicted upon simply by viewing the photo of this crushed Stingray.

Cedric Massey / Facebook

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  1. I was told that it was the angle of the picture, and that the car was not, in fact, damaged. I have absolutely no verification of that, however. And seeing the limited clearance on some of these carriers I could believe it either way.

  2. If this is the only photo we have to deal with, I have to agree with Wendy. Either
    way, the photo fell flat.

  3. Ta Maserati Ghibli or Quatroporte that crushed that C8. Very unfortunate for both of the owners of those cars.

  4. I am a 20yrs transporter and if you zoom out the pic you can see it’s equipment failure, looks like the cylinder broke completely collapsing the deck onto C8.

  5. Lesson learned is make sure your car is on the top except if the driver forgets to lower the trailer at a low bridge.

  6. there is definitely weight on that car, that fender on the rear of the car no way is that low on the back of the car.

  7. Wouldn’t a car hauler have mechanical locks (i.e just like a lift in a garage) to prevent this issue? Don’t know, just pondering.

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