The C8 Corvette Z06 May Break These Three Production V8 Records


The C8 Corvette Z06 May Break These Three Production V8 Records

After years of speculating what kind of miracles Chevy will be able to wring out of the eighth-generation mid-engine Corvette Z06, the world will finally get the inside story when the 2023 model is unveiled in October.

In the meantime, however, the folks at Hagerty are offering up a preview of three, and possibly four, production-car records for naturally aspirated V8 engines that the new Z06 has a chance of breaking.

First of all, its expected 5.5-liter (336 cubic inch) engine would be the largest-displacement flat-plane V8, surpassing the 2015-20 Ford Shelby GT350’s 5.2 liters.

Next record that may fall: most torque from a naturally aspirated flat-plane V8, with Hagerty predicting as much as 500 lb-ft for the new Z06, up considerably from the current record of 429 lb-ft from the above Shelby GT350.

A third possible record: highest redline in an American performance car, currently owned by the GT350 at 8250 RPM. Hagerty believes the new Z06 could hit a redline of 9000 RPM.

A fourth record could happen but is less likely, Hagerty notes. The 2015-17 Dodge Viper and its 8.4-liter V10 is the most powerful naturally aspirated American engine at 645 horsepower, well ahead of the 526 horsepower of the runner-up GT350 and GM’s best of 505 horsepower out of the 7.0-liter LS7 in the C6 Z06. Current predictions, according to Hagerty, show the new Z06 landing between 600 and 650 horsepower, though they believe it’s unlikely to match the supercharged C7 Z06’s 650 horsepower, especially amid current rumors of about 617 horsepower.

Regardless of how many records the Z06 sets, we’re sure it’ll be a very welcome – and powerful – addition to the Corvette lineup.


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  1. So, Chevrolet just started to compete with the mustang and the Z06 is competing with a GT350? Talk about shooting low.

    This car should be competing against Lambo’s and GTRs, yet its fame to victory is beating a Mustang?

    The car’s computer is locked beyond what any leak can accomplish so you will all see SLOW corvettes this generation. You won’t see anything really special this generation.

    GM finally gave us the car we begged them for but they put it far beyond the reach of the common man wanting to make it their own with the ECU locking bullshit.

    last half mile they were ALL SLOW. ALL OF THEM Slow. Slower than C5s. Slower than most mustangs. What is next? C8 only races so owners can feel good between themselves? Talk about crippling a platform instead of letting people compete amongst the best with the common man’s ferrari.

  2. My new Hyundai is setting records for a none hybrids car average 50.8 mpg. Average speed 60mph. Yes I love my new 2022 Hyundai Accent.

  3. Inquired at my dealer about the list. He said the allocations will be very low for 2-3 years and only certain people will get the first cars like Rick Hendrick and friends. Unless you’re personal friends of these special people it will be a long time to get one unless you want to pay a premium in the secondary market. I will just keep rowing the gears in my C7 GS until the time comes. My .02

  4. Buick’s 455 in the 1970 GS made 510 lb/ft so 500 will not be a record. I have the Buick and am on the list for a Z06.

  5. Mitch forgot to mention that the Z will have the most powerful NA production V8 in history if it can outmuscle the 622-horse SLS AMG Black Series.

    Carlos, the numbers are just comparing powerplants. The Z will be in supercar territory in every aspect; far beyond the heights reached by the GT350, but the Shelby did have an interesting engine that is closely related to what GM is doing with the C8Z. If Half-mile events are your thing, wait for the twin-turbo versions of the C8, this one is going to focus on bringing an elite/unforgettable driving experience to the masses (if they can ever get production figured out).

    John, the torque number will be a record for an FPC V8, a layout that traditionally struggles to make twist when compared with the cross-plane engines we are used to. The ’70 GS and GSX Stage 1 is my all-time favorite car from the “Golden Era” of American Muscle, congrats on being an owner!

  6. Alex,

    I can buy the car that my neighbor will have and there will be NO differentiation as we both have the same power and same control. I can’t make the Hybrid car will be a whopping 400k. No thanks.

    An audi R8 starts to look a lot more appealing. What is next for GM? sue the customers that mod their cars like mclaren does?

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