[ACCIDENT] Yet Another C8 Corvette Has Fallen Off A Two-Post Lift


[ACCIDENT] Yet Another C8 Corvette Has Fallen Off A Two-Post Lift

Here’s another visual reminder that the lift points are different for the C8 Corvette then previous generations.

These two photos of Rapid Blue C8 Corvette that fell off a lift at an undisclosed dealership were posted to the Corvette Forum this afternoon. Unfortunately, no other details of the accident are available.

What we do know is that the weight distribution of the new Corvette is 40/60 with more weight now in the rear due to the engine move. This unfortunate incident was most likely caused by having the rear jacking points not far enough back to properly support a car with a 60% rear weight bias.

The Corvette Owner’s Manual does outline the correct lift locations and they are substantially different on the C8 Corvette than the C7 Corvette which has a nearly 50/50 weight distribution. However, unless you’ve lifted a C8 previously, there are other indentations under the car that you may think are the correct lift spots, but they aren’t.

[ACCIDENT] Yet Another C8 Corvette Has Fallen Off A Two-Post Lift

This reminds us of the Torch Red 2020 Corvette that went viral for falling off a dealer’s lift in June 2020. Like this car, it’s the rear end that dropped and hit the floor with the front of the car remaining elevated.

As someone noted on the Forum, we can see the belly pan was removed and was on the floor under the car so we hope that nobody was underneath it when it all came crashing down.

Our friend and CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn wrote a year ago about the proper lift and jacking procedures for the mid-engine Corvette and we were definitely surprised how different the C8 lift points were when compared to the C7 Corvette. Jeremy had his 2020 Corvette’s oil changed this morning at his local dealer and he shared this safety tip which is to use a screw jack for added stability.

A screw jack offers more stability for two-post lifts

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

As for the poor owner of this Rapid Blue Stingray, the car looks totaled and that’s a damn shame.

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  1. At a dealership no less! Seems like thee C8’s are dropping like flies (Pun intended)! With accidents posted on this site weekly and 40/60 weight distribution leading to severe under steer, the C8 may soon become an endangered generation if owners and service departments aren’t careful.

  2. Dealers carry insurance for incidents like these. Hopefully the only injury was the car, the dealership’s and mechanic’s reputations and maybe some paychecks. Owners are the ones that really suffer due to the availability of C8 replacements. Pain and suffering while waiting a year for another rapid blue sweetheart, well that is hard to put a dollar amount on.

  3. It’s sad how people try to use any reason to try and bash the C8. If haven’t drive a C8 you are just going off of one persons review.

  4. I agree with Mako and furthermore, the positive reviews for the car from owners, far outway the few negative reviews by some owners, which are probably people that always need to find fault with everything.

  5. Look at the garage background for the blue vette verses the orange vette – The blue vette doesn’t look like it’s being serviced at a reputable dealership. You get what you pay for.

  6. The shop looks like Juan y Pedro Rapido Repairo. A dealership might not be much better plus the cost can be staggering. Better to learn to do your own service. If you can afford a new Corvette, you can afford a lift rack. I prefer a drive on type as cars don’t fall off of them as long as you set the brake.

  7. GM should paint the lift points yellow or orange so they’re easy to spot. That would solve the problem if people pay attention.

  8. Do they sell superglue in gallon bottles? How about 500 yd rolls of gorilla tape…..😉

  9. It is disservice not to publish the Chevy Store’s name. Save other C8 owners from paying a visit to a dealership not on top of their staff training. I can just wonder what dealing with the sales staff at this place is like. Is there any chance of getting a hold of the after service survey?

  10. Usually the oil change guy is a kid. As far as understeer all you have to do is watch a you tube video of a C8 on the track. Going into a turn the steering wheel goes from 12:00 to 6:00 with front tires squealing. They are actually plowing. The best handling Vette is a 2019 Grand Sport.
    As I would never track my car, understeer won’t keep me from buying a C8 when there are ample units to choose from.

  11. Ronnie’s got the answer, a drive on Lift rack is not that expensive and if you buy one, you’ll always be glad that you did!
    You can use it for so many things. Put you’re car on it to polish the sides an clean the wheels and tires

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