[ACCIDENT] Custom 1959 Corvette Strikes Biker and Drags Him Nearly 100 Feet


[ACCIDENT] Custom 1959 Corvette Strikes Biker and Drags Him Nearly 100 Feet

Photo Credit: Fairfield Police Department

The driver of a vintage Corvette is facing multiple charges after allegedly striking a bicyclist with his car in Fairfield, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon.

Sixty-year-old John Lehr of North Caldwell, New Jersey has been charged with allegedly having an unsafe vehicle, careless and reckless driving, and making an unsafe lane change in his red 1959 Corvette.

A photo from the scene posted on the Fairfield Police Department’s Facebook page shows the Corvette resting on top of the bike after the incident occurred about 12:45 p.m. on Two Bridges Road near the entrance to Route 46 East.

Police believe Lehr – as he attempted to enter Route 46 East – did not see the bicyclist – headed north on Two Bridges Road and crossing the entrance ramp for Route 46 East – before striking him and dragging him possibly as far as 100 feet before coming to a stop.

The 46-year-old bicyclist from Millburn was carried to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson to treat his injuries, with no report on his condition available.

Conducting the investigation were Fairfield Police Sergeant Ian Rasmussen, Officer Louis Bisciotti, and Detective Daniel Moran.

Fairfield Police Department / Facebook

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  1. Not sure if that blower contributed to the collision by blocking the driver’s view of the cyclist, but I don’t think any vehicle that does not provide the driver with an unobstructed view through the windshield should be allowed on public roads.

  2. Bicyclists in the road and in the bike lane or crossing roads will make accidents with vehicles more common. So many more people are riding these days.. Not sure if the driver was impaired or he just didn’t see him because his view was obstructed. Unfortunate for both parties involved!

  3. I am a bike rider and a Corvette owner and I live in the country. We get riders on our back roads who ride like they are in Central Park. I keep wondering when there will be a fatality in my area. We have a paved rail trail that goes all the way to Canada but the riders insist on the dangerous country roads.

  4. Biker: A motorcycle rider on a Harley or wannabe.
    Motorcyclist: A motorcycle rider on anything else.
    Bicyclist: A rider on something with pedals. :^)

  5. Come on man we all know bicyclists own the road. Particularly when you have 6 or 10 riding abreast.

  6. Just an accident. Cyclers don’t understand how difficult they are to see. Not to mention the obvious problem of mixing heavy faster traffic with light weight, hard to see vehicles. Bike riders in our area are foolish in the way they use the road, and the club rides are just a road block. I don’t know why the bikers insist on riding in congested areas with the obvious hazards involved. We do share the road, but why invite tragedy? Find a good trail.

  7. Jeff — cycling involves a lot more than just trail riding for recreation. Cyclists often have little choice but to ride in congested areas because those areas are where, or between where, they live, work, shop, recreate, etc. I suspect this unfortunate cyclist would have been much easier to see if the Corvette that ran him over did not have a huge blower sticking up out of hood partially blocking the driver’s forward view.

  8. This is what I would consider a typical Corvette driver here in New Jersey. Reckless, douchey, 50-60 year old low testosterone white guys who think they are in a Nascar race every time they drive.

  9. @Joe – Great “DRAG BIKE” comment. I hope an 18 wheeler runs over your convertible corvette with the $200 Chrome wheels while you sit there blasting to Van Halen and drags you under it for 10 miles. Now, that would be funny.


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