[VIDEO] The McMichael Family Shares A Testimonial for the National Corvette Museum


[VIDEO] The McMichael Family Shares A Testimonial for the National Corvette Museum

Photo Credits: Michelle Stoltzfus of Michelle Lee Photography

Corvette enthusiasts are passionate about their cars, so it’s not really a surprise that the National Corvette Museum has grown tremendously over the past 25+ years.

One example of that rampant enthusiasm is very evident in a new YouTube video posted by the NCM called “A Gift from the Heart: A Testimonial from the McMichael Family.”

Accompanying the video was this message from the Museum:

The National Corvette Museum is beyond grateful for all the donations that we received even before we opened our doors. We strive to feature our members and supporters in every way possible including video testimonials. Here is just one of the many examples of how members are working to move the Museum toward the next generation of Corvette owners. Ever since taking R8C Museum Delivery of their 2020 Corvette, Tim and Melanie McMichael of Gypsum, Colorado, have been a part of the future of the Museum. More testimonials will be coming as we progress along and here is their story.

The McMichaels traveled from their home in Gypsum, Colorado to pick up their Elkhart Lake Blue 2020 Corvette convertible as part of the R8C Museum Delivery program, in the process igniting a renewed lifelong passion for Chevy’s legendary sports car as well as a significant interest in making sure their children and grandchildren will help continue the legacy of the Museum.

[VIDEO] The McMichael Family Shares A Testimonial for the National Corvette Museum

Tim says he had been a member of the Museum before his R8C delivery but it didn’t mean much to him. After picking up his new Stingray there, however, he admits he was “surprised” with all that the NCM has to offer. “It’s an amazing place,” he says. “It got me to want to be involved; it got me to want my family to be involved.”

As the couple talks in the video, photos are flashed up of their children and grandchildren, all with huge smiles as they gather around and inside the new Corvette.

Tim remembers seeing his first Corvette at a dealership in Aurora, Colorado, where the owner let the 10-year-old McMichael sit in the front seat of a Corvette, helping develop a lifelong love for the car.

[VIDEO] The McMichael Family Shares A Testimonial for the National Corvette Museum

Now, he hopes the early exposure to the car for his children and grandchildren will help fuel a lifetime of similar passion, much the way that dealership in Colorado helped ignite his own interest years ago.

Recruiting such new generations of enthusiasts is especially important as the Museum works to pay for the major expansion of the facility currently in the works.

If you’d like to show your support for the NCM, please visit corvettemuseum.org/support.

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