[ACCIDENT] High Speed Chase of a C7 Corvette Ends with a Crash in Houston


[ACCIDENT] High Speed Chase of C7 Corvette Ends with a Crash in Houston

A high-speed chase Saturday night in Houston, Texas ended with the driver of this Torch Red C7 Corvette coupe seriously injured but expected to recover, police said.

Officers began pursuing the Corvette after clocking him at 87 mph around 11 p.m. on the Gulf Freeway feeder road at Redford Street.

The fleeing driver ran a red light at Almeda Genoa, then entered the freeway where he reached speeds above 100 mph.

He eventually lost control of the Corvette, scraped a concrete barrier, flew across the feeder road, and crashed into a concrete and metal fence at an apartment.

Police said the driver had to be extricated from the Corvette by the Houston Fire Department and was carried to the hospital with serious injuries to his legs.

No word yet on the charges the driver is facing, though police did say alcohol was found inside his Corvette.

The video embed is having some issues, so check out the full news report at YouTube.

[ACCIDENT] High Speed Chase of a C7 Corvette Ends with a Crash in Houston


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  1. Do we really need this crap here? How about all the Dodge Chargers used in crime. Or the BMWs used in drive by shootings? Stupid stuff for stupid people.

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