[VIDEO] Two Men Sitting in a C8 Corvette Were Shot by Unknown Assailants on Saturday Night


[VIDEO] Two Men Sitting in a C8 Corvette Were Shot by Unknown Assailants on Saturday Night

Could surveillance video from a nearby business hold the key to solving the shooting of two men in a Rapid Blue C8 Corvette late Saturday night in west Houston, Texas?

That’s what police are hoping after they say an older model Mercedes ML350 drove up behind the Corvette in the 7800 block of Westheimer, then pulled up beside it and opened fire on the car.

One of the occupants in the Corvette was struck by bullets in his head and torso area, while the other was only grazed by a bullet.

They were carried to the hospital, where their condition is unknown.

Fortunately, a Houston police officer who was stopped in the parking lot of a Walgreens located near the shooting saw the Stingray pass by just before the shooting. Police were subsequently able to get “great” surveillance video from that store showing the suspect’s Mercedes.

Police are still trying to determine the motive for the shooting, though witnesses reported no apparent altercation between the two cars prior to the shooting.


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  1. Running out of corvette articles. So they have post a story about drug dealers and gang bangers. Who cares.

  2. The C8 is attracting some interesting buyers! Not in a good way unfortunately. And Houston with it’s massive population is becoming or has become a crime riddled city.

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