The National Corvette Museum Delivers Its 14,000th Corvette


The National Corvette Museum Delivers Its 14,000th Corvette

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Back in 1995, the National Corvette Museum started teaming up with the nearby Corvette Assembly Plant for a special new car delivery program with the option code of R8C.

Twenty-six years later, on July 2, the Museum celebrated a milestone by serving their 14,000th R8C customer.

The lucky customers were John and Gina Engel, first-time Corvette owners who picked up their Red Mist coupe after traveling to Bowling Green from their home in Omaha, Nebraska for the occasion.

Since the Corvette is such a special car, the Engels wanted to make their delivery just as special so they opted for the $995 R8C option available through all Chevy dealers.

During their Museum visit, all R8C Delivery customers are given a VIP guided tour, a quality orientation, a thorough delivery presentation of their new Corvette, and even more.

The Engels were impressed with their experience, noting that having a delivery host walk them through the car was “so nice” and made them feel “more comfortable” about handling their 2021 Corvette themselves.

The National Corvette Museum Delivers Its 14,000th Corvette

In fact, John says he highly recommends the R8C program to other owners because of all the features it offers, including having your car on display on Corvette Boulevard, all roped off with the owner’s name on a special placard. You can even see your car on the NCM website before arriving thanks to cameras set up on the boulevard.

We agree with John’s endorsement wholeheartedly and have seen firsthand that the program really does make new owners feel special. Last year when picking up my 2020 coupe, our whole family was there and it was so exciting to ride out of the Museum to lots of applause from the staff.

Congratulations to the NCM on this big achievement and with the popularity of the C8, we’re sure they’ll soon be marking No. 15,000!


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  1. Hello did anyone have this problem I received my gift. It’s a beautiful model of the car the only problem is is it was dropped in the passenger fender is all scratched up paint chip and a big scratch on the front bumper and four messages I left and I have not got one call back has anybody had this problem

  2. Just curious. When did you get your C8 or vin. I’m trying to figure when I’ll get mine. thx

  3. I have a C8 in status 3000 with a firm commitment that GM would build out all orders that were in status 3000 to just read this might not be the case.
    I ordered the car in August of 2019. Something not quite right with this picture!?

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