Man Surprised with C7 Corvette and NCM Experience During Dad’s C8 Corvette Museum Delivery


Man Surprised with C7 Corvette and NCM Experience During Dad's C8 Corvette Museum Delivery

Photo Credits: National Corvette Museum

As someone who had the joy of having my wife and children with me last summer when we picked up our new Torch Red 2020 Corvette at the National Corvette Museum, I can definitely relate to the idea of “passing the torch” from one generation to another.

This week, Lifetime Museum Members Wayne and PJ Ray took advantage of the R8C Museum Delivery program to not only pick up their 2021 Zeus Bronze Stingray but also surprise their son Rick with their old 2015 Blade Silver Stingray as part of an “NCM Experience” for him and his wife, Heidi, and son, Nicholas.

While Wayne and PJ are thrilled with their brand new mid-engine Corvette, Rick is just as excited about getting their “hand-me-down,” if it’s justifiable to put that label on a C7! He told Museum officials that he has loved their ’15 Stingray since the day his parents bought it and is looking forward to enjoying the extra custom touches they have added through the years.


Heidi says Rick “has dreamed about having a Corvette since they met,” and now, thanks to his parents, his dream is a reality. Nicholas thought his grandparents were just going to sign their C7 over to his dad, so he was moved by the Museum Delivery Experience they set up, calling it “awesome” to see his father’s dream come true.

By the way, even if you don’t ever buy a new Corvette and take delivery at the NCM, you can still enjoy the thrill of seeing your car on Corvette Boulevard through participation in the NCM Experience at a cost of just $500. We will never forget the excitement of seeing our own ’97 coupe and ’05 convertible roped off just like they were celebrities.

The Experience includes a special visit to the Museum, where their Corvette receives an exterior cleaning and is then displayed on the floor of the Museum delivery area, similar to the highly requested R8C Program. Guests are given a VIP Museum tour and receive a one-year individual membership to the Museum, commemorative wall plaque, silver decal recognizing participation in the program, and an individual photograph in front of the Museum – weather permitting.

Experiences can also be viewed world-wide via our live webcams.

Congratulations to all of the Rays, and thanks for keeping their love of Corvettes alive for future generations!

National Corvette Museum

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  1. Like how you call the C7 OLD.

    Another words obsolete, barely operational. Everyone who has a C7 needs to be reminded that it’s OLD.Why don’t you erase and try again?


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