Holy Rolling Fan Art Batman! There’s A Bat-Themed C3 Corvette For Sale in Florida


Holy Rolling Fan Art Batman! There's A Bat-Themed C3 Corvette For Sale in Florida

We’ve covered several Batmobile replicars and news on this site in the past few years. It turns out that America’s Sports Car is the perfect canvas for such projects, but this Craigslist posting near CorvetteBlogger HQ is a bit different. We will call it more of a Batman tribute than a full-on Batmobile replica.

The 1980 Corvette in question still sports all of the tell-tale curves of a later C3, but it has been bat-ized with several less-than-stock touches. Most noticeable amongst the changes are the bat fins and fake afterburner, reminiscent of the Tim Burton-era Batmobile.

Holy Rolling Fan Art Batman! There's A Bat-Themed C3 Corvette For Sale in Florida

Then there is the “Boom!” “Pow!” “Pop!” of yellow on the door bat logos, wheels, exhaust, gills, louvered tail-light covers, and more. The slick aftermarket hood features a van-worthy mural of Batman from the animated series between its NACA ducts, and, as far as we can tell, there are no fewer than two 3D Batman heads/cowls protruding from the bodywork. Above the rear wheels on either side of the Bat-C3 is the only white lettering on the entire vehicle. It reads, “In memory of Adam West.” West was, of course the first actor to play a live-action Dark Knight in the 1966-68 ABC series, Batman, and a follow-up theatrical film. He passed away at the age of 88 in 2017 after a battle with Leukemia.

Holy Rolling Fan Art Batman! There's A Bat-Themed C3 Corvette For Sale in Florida

All told, this well-done tribute to Adam West and the role that made him famous has done 90,000 miles in its 41 year “crime-fighting” career. It isn’t specified if everything under the skin is original, or not, but it does say that it has a great sounding V8 and an automatic transmission. It can come home to your very own Batcave for just $16,500, and if you buy it, we would be interested in knowing about the interesting custom Crown Vic that shares the second photo with this car, keep us in the loop!


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  1. What a waste of a classic C3 Corvette. Why even bother to add this disgusting example of someone’s weirdness to the Corvette blog, especially by using words like “well-done”? Media coverage of something like this belongs on a blog for unemployed artists, not on a blog for Corvette enthusiasts. Alex needs to stick to teaching. Articles like this serve to validate his inability of “becoming a full-fledged automotive journalist”.

  2. Billy,

    Thanks for your concern. This one was an assignment that came straight from the bossman. We try to cover all “interesting” ‘Vettes that we find on the ‘net. We also try to stay positive, no matter how strange (read; ruined, like a “well done” steak) we think some of them might be.

    Have an outstanding Independence Day!


  3. I appreciate the different and absurd – keeps life interesting. The Adam West sticker made me chuckle out loud.

    Hey Billy – I don’t remember voting you the “Keeper of Corvette Sanctity” (insert eyeroll emoji) …so take a hike. While you’re out, pick up some underwear a few sizes up – yours seem to be on too tight.

  4. I love it! Absurd and tacky, but you know, not everyone can be a mellow and well-informed Corvette owner. I’m cool with it.

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