Ciocca Corvette Launches New Website to Replace


Ciocca Corvette Launches New Website to Replace

Ciocca Corvette (pronounced see-oh-ca) has officially taken over Kerbeck and we noticed their new website was live as of Friday morning. The new website for the World’s Largest Corvette franchise is now at

For current customers of Kerbeck, you can find the Corvette Order Tracking page has been carried over from the previous Kerbeck website and all orders placed with Kerbeck remain in place and unchanged.

Kerbeck Corvette has been the highest volume Corvette dealers from 1994-2020 and Ciocca Dealerships CEO Gregg Ciocca told Automotive News that Kerbeck Corvette “is a brand within itself” with about 1,600 sales last year and more than 220 of the sports cars were delivered last month. “It’s an iconic acquisition, once in a lifetime,” said Ciocca.

“We feel very fortunate that they selected us and we’re able to carry it on,” he said. “They’re big shoes to fill, and we want to make them proud and we want to do just a great job with the franchise here.”

All of Kerbeck’s previous Corvette specialists have remained with the new dealership group and General Sales Manager David Salvatore told us earlier this week that Ciocca Corvette will continue selling Corvette Stingray’s at MSRP.

Visit Ciocca Corvette on the web at or stop by at 430 N Albany Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ.

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  1. This was the Cherry on top of their purchase. I read what they say and hope they don’t make any radical changes, time will tell.

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