[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Says No Deal to $180K Offer for Her C8 Corvette Named Phoenix


[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Says No Deal for Her C8 Corvette Named Phoenix

When we last checked in with Emelia Hartford, we heard that she had received an unbelievable offer to sell her world record-holding 2020 Corvette. Telling us in a previous video that she has roughly $150K in the car, she received an offer for $180,000 despite the fact she mentioned her car needed new clutches.

We knew that she wasn’t going to sell by the way she ended her last video, saying she’s “not tired of building this car yet.” But what we didn’t expect was to get her answer in the first 15 seconds of a 26-minute video. I guess that’s just her way of saying no, and then moving on without dwelling over the potential windfall.

Of course, there’s more to this video than just her terse reply as Phoenix throws a “Service Transmission” error and almost strands her in the opening minutes of the video. Thanks to the internet she is able to get going.

[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford Says No Deal to $180K Offer for Her C8 Corvette Named Phoenix

The rest of the video is pretty mundane (don’t say I didn’t warn you) as she visits her merchandise fulfillment shop and then visits another friend’s new auto shop while driving a 2010 Ferrari 458. BTW, whenever I hear a Ferrari 458 I just close my eyes and imagine it’s the new Z06 screaming along at 8500 RPM…

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