Corvette Production Update for June


Corvette Production Update for June

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As we are closing in on the final days of June, I thought I would drop a quick update on what we are seeing with production from the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green.

As we all know, May was tough for Corvette buyers waiting on their car as the plant experienced three weeks of downtime due to parts shortages. We’ve been told that the extra week of downtime was key in allowing the plant to stockpile as much additional parts supply as they can get, and that stockpile will hopefully serve as a buffer against additional part shortages in the near future. Since full-time production restarted the week of June 7th, we’ve had nearly three weeks of uninterrupted production.

As far as production numbers go, the plant has averaged 178.4 vehicles per day over the last three weeks with the lowest day of production seeing only 157 cars built while the highest day shows 196 produced. Thursday’s production totaled 173 cars and we have now crossed over 17,000 to close at 17,052 cars produced for 2021.

We have been told by more than one source that the assembly plant has been building some pre-production Corvette Z06s which are not counted in the VIN daily reports. We have no idea how many have been built and where they are going, and hopefully some eagle-eyed CorvetteBlogger readers will soon be seeing these camouflaged models on the road.

Chevrolet dealers received another communication from GM that shows the build-out dates for the 2021 models and the start of the 2022 model year for the U.S. market covering Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet. While most of the vehicles on that report have specific dates for ending the 2021s and starting the 2022s, the Corvette is still listed as To Be Determined (TBD). The previous start-up date for the 2022 Corvette prior to all the parts shutdowns in May was the week of September 6th, but since then GM canceled the final allocation cycle for June with Corvette Chief Engineer stating that they are committed to building all 2021 Corvettes with an order status of 3000 or above.

Using the week of September 6th as a potential breakpoint for the new model year, that would give us nearly 10 full weeks of Corvette production in which we could see around another 9,000+ Corvettes produced, with a total 2021 production that surpasses 26,000 cars. Let’s hope the assembly plant can keep up that pace!

As we look forward to July, we have some things to look forward to. Dealers will be receiving their first allocation numbers for the 2022 model year and we may even see the first order cycle begin. Full pricing for the 2022 models is also expected.

While we try to remain positive for those waiting on their new Corvettes to be built, the last two years have shown that anything can happen. Stay tuned for the latest Corvette production news here at!

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  1. We shall see! Because next week we may hear something completely different coming out of Bowling Green.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it, GM.

    I still NO recompense for those orders that shafted because they weren’t Order Status 3000 or higher.

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