[ACCIDENT] Out-Of-Control 1966 Corvette Drives Through Neighborhood Yards and Hits a Tree


[ACCIDENT] Out-Of-Control 1966 Corvette Driver Flys Through Neighborhood Yards and Hits a Tree

Photo Credit: Prescott eNews

The driver of this black 1966 Corvette Sting Ray convertible is facing misdemeanor reckless driving charges after a one-vehicle accident in his Prescott, Arizona neighborhood last week.

The crash occurred about 11:15 a.m. on May 1 in the 1400 block of Magnolia Drive in Prescott.

The 64-year-old driver damaged his vintage Corvette after leaving his home on Magnolia Lane at a high rate of speed, then losing control and driving through several yards in the neighborhood before colliding with a tree, according to a report by Lt. Jon Brambila of the Prescott Police Department.

[ACCIDENT] Out-Of-Control 1966 Corvette Drives Through Neighborhood Yards and Hits a Tree

It’s hard to tell from photos taken at the scene exactly how much damage the Corvette sustained, but the front end is jammed against the trunk of the tree.

The driver, meanwhile, suffered minor injuries and was treated and released at a local hospital.


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  1. I broke a motor mount in my old BB 65 Impala & my old BB 68 Vette. The pedal went to the floor on both.1st instinct was to push in the clutch but the Z bar comes out of the ball on the block. Fortunately I didn’t hit anything.

  2. Ok if the car was of control why didn’t he turn the ignition key to off or put it in neutral. If he was showing off then whose fault would that be?

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