[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Goes Inside the Headquarters of Corvette Racing


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Goes Inside the Headquarters of Corvette Racing

Mobil 1 The Grid takes us to New Hudson, Michigan and the home of Pratt & Miller as we get a look at what it takes to field the most successful sports car racing team in North America.

The Pratt & Miller complex in Michigan is huge with over 125K square feet under the roof. There, everything needed to run Corvette Racing is at their disposal.

As a race car constructor, Pratt & Miller designs, builds, and races the cars, which makes them different from most other race shops. All aspects of the design and construction of the cars can be handled in-house. That includes CNC milling, 3D parts fabrication, and the manufacture of composites and carbon fiber.

Another aspect of Corvette Racing that can’t be overlooked are the people who serve on the race team. From the rig drivers to the engineers, all of them wear multiple hats at the track. And with 23 years of racing America’s Favorite Sports Car, there is always chances for advancement on the team.

From Mobil 1 The Grid via YouTube:

In the middle of a busy hectic IMSA campaign, Corvette Racing open their doors to and show what it takes to be the best North American sports car team.

Mobil 1 The Grid

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